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Biotécnica FOBT


The Occult Blood test, also known as the abbreviation of FOB (Fecal Occult Blood), is a test of qualitative determinations of blood in the stool.

It is a chromatographic immunoassay on nitrocellulose membranes, where the human hemoglobin present in the sample, binds to a conjugated antibody, which migrates through the membrane to the region where it contains anti-human hemoglobin antibodies, forming a detached band. and colorful, where the test is evaluated.

The FOB test is indicated for investigations of bleeding in the intestinal tract, for monitoring hemorrhagic diseases of the digestive tract and also requested in cases where the patient has an undetected anemia and which is possibly caused by bleeding in the digestive tract. Bleeding in the digestive system can indicate severity or not, being related from a slight irritation or even to a neoplasm.

Detection of occult blood in stools at low concentrations, may suggest early signs of ulcers, cancer and / or other changes.

Cases of intestinal bleeding, especially caused by polyps and tumors, can be intermittent. For this reason, the indication that three samples should be collected on successive days, as this increases the probability of detection.

This is an analysis indicated for the preventive screening of diseases in the colorectal region in asymptomatic patients.

For the test, the type of sample to be used is feces, which has a stability of up to 3 days at a temperature between 2 to 8ºC.

With results in five minutes, it is the most effective test for detecting blood in stools in small concentrations and in a simplified way.

The test devices have a control line that “must” be visible at the end of the reaction time for the interpretation of the result and a test line, which may or may not be visible, according to the patient’s clinic. If the control line and the test line are visible at the end of the reaction time, the result must be interpreted as a reagent.

A common stability differential, which allows the product to be stored at temperatures from 2 to 30ºC, in addition to an operational range of 50 to 4,000 ng / mL, Biotécnica makes this product available in its portfolio with BT catalog 30.011.00, in the presentation of 20 determinations, being the complete kit, composed of test devices and diluent, easy to handle and ready for use.

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